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Utility & Metaverse Shop


Tier 1- 1% rewarded in $BPZ every month!

Tier 2- 3% rewarded in $BPZ every month!

Tier 3- 5% rewarded in $BPZ every month!

Tier 4- 10% rewarded in $BPZ every month!


The purpose behind $BPZ being on the Solana blockchain is to ensure the least amount of gas fees per transaction. We realize that a $200 gas fee is not realistic. Through the Solana blockchain we can achieve a much more efficient transaction while paying Bully holder’s as much as possible!

BoppZ Art©

Musk Art

Inspired by the crypto whale Elon Musk, this was the first NFT to be released by our team. We really enjoyed the pieces we were able to create and hope you do too!

Purple Friend's

This artwork will get your mind wondering.. Highlighting the possibility of interdimensional worlds and animals...


BPZ is a token like no other. Built on the Solana blockchain, BPZ is a utility that can be used with your purchase of a Boppz Bully. The token can be exchanged on pancake swap hopefully in the future.. But for now you can purchase BPZ coin through our minting site. 


Each attribute that a Bully has is broken into 3 categories: Rare, Epic and Legendary. A Bully may have up to 5 attributes total and each attribute will range accordingly. Bully#0001-#0100 will be guarenteed 3 Legendaries and #0101-#1000 will have at least 1 Legendary. Bully#1001-#2222 will have a chance at 1 Legendary MAX.

Tiers are a number system that adds up all of your Bully attributes and depending on the total score a payout will be deposited monthly into the wallet that you hold your Bully. 

Tier 4- GS 3500-4000

Tier 3- GS 3499-3000

Tier 2- GS 2999-2000

Tier 1- GS 1999-1000

Absolutely! With our Metaverse shop you can purchase and unlock every attribute available! There will be mini games with tasks, some weekly some hidden. Each task will reward you with a schematic NFT that you can either sell or open. But once opened it self destructs so don’t stand too close… After acquiring 3 Legendary schematics you will be unable to find another until you sell 1 or consume it. This allows holders to increase their payout with each Bully.

No! Unlike many utility based NFT creators we will not limit you to a certain number of Bully’s. To combat botting and scripting on launch there will be a human verification to each purchase. This may be time consuming but we feel this is the most secure and fair way to allow everyone a chance at getting at least 1!

Professor BoppZ


The professor has taught us all we know. With a background in networking and security, he set up the $BPZ coin and has continued to work for the last 3 months an integration into our site and metaverse shop!

Captain BoppZ


The captain has set course. Next destination- BoppZ Island! This new world will not be like the one we once knew. His vision for the future is simple. If you’re in the family its you’re voice that controls this ship. Lets not forget, No man is more important than the TEAM




The man behind the art work, our inspiration for the BoppZ Bully’s. Noodles will lead in all BoppZ Biscuits development as well as the release of our first collection as a team.

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